How to Troubleshoot Toshiba TDP-TW300 projector

By | May 22, 2014

Basically projectors are used to present the multimedia and viewing steaming media photo albums and many thing similarly the Toshiba TDP-TW300 high pressure mercury lamps also used to to the same thing. The Main problem in this projector which includes no picture, no audio, blurry image and remote not working. The above problem can be fix by using the following trouble shooting steps.


Troubleshoot 1 Make sure that the projector is switch on if there is no picture, Look at the cables whether it is disconnected or not. Make sure when you switch on the power light is blinking. Check the vents on projector are not blocked if projector turns off suddenly which signs the projector is too heat.

Troubleshoot 2 Press the on/standby button and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds if the projector still won’t turn on. The projector won’t active if you press the button too quickly.

Troubleshoot 3 you need to clean the lens when the images are blurry, Allow the projector to cool down for at least one hour and start cleaning the lens with the help of leans cleaning or camera style kit. By using blower blow the dust present in the projector.

Troubleshoot 4 If remote is not working, change the batteries and check the response. If not switch on the infra red of the projector, so point the remote the projector. Florescent lights can interrupt infrared signal Try the remote with the house lights on and off to eliminate this as a possible source of interference.

Troubleshoot 5 press the mute button repeatedly on the projector remote if thee is no audio, Mute may be on you don’t know it.

  • Ronak

    I have Toshiba TDP-TW300 projector.
    I was watching movie and suddenly there was sound came out from projector like a firecrackers. I thought lamp is broken,
    So I ordered a new lamp with housing. and i installed it, but still lamp light is indicate red blinking with beep sound.
    Is anyone help me to fix it?

    • make sure that all the connections are in right position, If not give the correct connections and check it once

      • Ronak

        all connections are in right position as i just replace a lamp with housing only. i haven’t opened any other parts from unit.

        • Its better you contact the company people…