How to transfer iTunes library to Android Phone


If you love Apple products or not but you will definitely like iTunes. Introduction of  iTunes has made access to music quicker and easier and it allows the sync the music libraries with the various other mobile devices. Using iTunes it is very easy to sync the media files with the other Apple devices. You can even transfer your iTunes files to the Android devices.

Here is the tutorial explains how to transfer iTunes library to Android phone. Here I will explain  some methods for how to transfer iTunes to Android phone.

Transfer manually

You can transfer the files from iTunes to the Android phone manually. First you need to manually copy the iTunes files on to the temporary folder of the PC. Now connect your Android device to the computer with USB cable. Now transfer the files copied from iTunes library to the music folder on your Android device.

If you find this method inconvenient you can use some third party apps for this purpose.

 Transfer music using the Double twist

Double Twist app is one of the app used for this purpose which lets you to directly transfer iTunes files to Android. This app works both on Windows and Mac. When you sync the files using Double Twist, files will be automatically stored in the Music Folder in the SD card.

  • First download and install Double Twist player on your PC.
  • Now connect your Android device to PC using the USB and enable USB mass storage mode in your Android device.
  • When your PC detects your device then it will appear in the devices in the Double twist app and click on the device name to see the info.
  • In the Double Twist on the general tab, place a checkmark beside the music.
  • In the lower right corner click on the sync button and it begins the transferring of iTunes music to Android Phone.


Transfer playlists using Double twist

Above is the method to transfer the music and here the guide to transfer the playlists.

  • In the double twist on the left pane, click on the playlists setup under the playlists.
  • There you select import or to create the new playlist.
  • On the device info page, go to the music tab.
  • Now tick on the sync music and select on only the selected.
  • Select the playlists which you want to transfer to your Android device.
  • Click on the sync button and your playlists are transferred on to your Android device.

Transfer wirelessly using Double twist Air sync

If you don’t want to sync the iTunes music using USB, you can sync them wireless. For this you need to download Double Twist’s Air Sync form the Google Play Store. For this method you also need Double Twist desktop app on your PC. For this both of your device must be connected to the same LAN.


  • Download and install the Air Sync app on your Android device form  the above link.
  • Go to the Settings tab and activate the AirSync.
  • Click on the setup AirSync to configure the Airsync connection.
  • Now it displays the five digit passcode and take a note of it.
  • Launch the Double Twist on your desktop and your device with AirSync logo will be displayed under devices and click ont he device name and enter the 5 digit code.
  • After the device got paired successfully, you can transfer you iTunes music to Android phone.