How to Transfer Data Directly from PC to Mac

By | June 3, 2014

Suppose if you want to Transfer the files which are in your PC to Mac directly, There are certain methods to transfer data. This article gives you the clear methods How to Transfer Data Directly from PC to Mac. Follow this guide for the methods that will allows you to do.

Using Windows Migration Assistant

  • Initially you need to download the Windows Migration Assistant on your PC, This program runs on both Windows as well as Mac  and transfers files and settings to the Mac. During this process, it will create a new user on the Mac computer, and all information will be transferred to that new user.
  • This is the only one that will transfer personal information such as bookmarks, calendar information, contacts, and preferences.
  • Macs come with the Assistant already installed.
  • The program can be downloaded directly from the Apple website. Once it is downloaded, run the program to install it. After installation, migration will automatically opens.
  • You need to disable the other programs  because to ensure that the Transfer happens with out interruption and also you should disable the anti virus and other software like firewall on your PC.
  • Know the administrator password. Depending on what you are transferring and where you may need the administrator information for both the PC and the mac.
  • Connect the computers. In order for Windows Migration Assistant to work, both computers must be on the same network. The most stable way to do this is to connect both computers directly with a CAT 6 Ethernet cable. Both computers can also be connected to a home network through a router. You can also connect wireless, but this is not recommended due to the amount of data that may be transferred and the potential to get disconnected.
  • Once you’ve opened the Assistant in Windows, click Continue to begin searching for the Mac. On the Mac, open the Migration Assistant in the Utilities folder. Open the Finder, then click Go then utilities. Double-click on the Migration Assistant.
  • Select “From another Mac, PC, Time Machine backup, or other disk” then click Continue. After entering the administrator password, select “From another Mac or PC” and click Continue.
  • Shut Down all other programs which are running, In the Mac Assistant select you PC , Once Mac has scanned your PC then select the files and data which you want to move.
  • Once the transferring is done we need to log in to the newly created account and adjust the settings as you need.