How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android


Android and  iOS the two most popular mobile platforms around the world. But the phone data on one platform cannot be shared with the another. But that is limited to a misconception and there are so many ways to share the data between Android and iPhone. If you are owning both iOS and Android devices and you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, here is there are so many ways to share.

Here I am explaining how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android in two ways.

  1. Via iTunes
  2. Via iCloud.

1. Via iTunes


You can transfer the contacts from iPhone to the Android device using iTunes. Here I explain how to do that. For this you need to have the iTunes installed on your PC and the internet connection. The synced contacts will have all the information such as the contact name, number, Address, email id and some other fields.

  • First download and launch iTunes on your PC.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using the data cable.
  • After the PC detects your iPhone your device will appear in the iTunes and click on the it to open the device’s summary page and click on the info tab.
  • Tick on the checkmark beside the “Sync Contacts with” and select the “Google contacts” from the drop-down menu.
  • Give your Google account credentials, or if you have already log in the Google account to change that click on configure.
  • Now click on  Apply and now the iTunes will sync the iPhone contacts with the Google account.
  • Now you need to sync the contacts in Google account with the Android device, if you haven’t yet registered your Google account on Android phone then do it by going to Settings>Accounts.

2. Via iCloud



iCloud the cloud storage service from Apple. You can sync your iPhone contacts with Android using iCloud also. If you have enabled iCloud service on your iPhone, then your contacts will be automatically backed up to your iCloud account. Then you can export all these contacts to the iPhone and then import them directly to the Android device or indirectly through the Google account.

  • Open the internet browser on your desktop and go to and sign in to it with your iCloud account.
  • After signing in click on the contacts to see the list of the contacts.
  • Select the contacts from the list which you want to export.
  • Click on the wheel icon present at the left bottom and select the Export vCard.
  • A VCF file will be now downloaded to the computer containing the exported contacts.
  • Now import this VCF file to the Google contacts or copy that file on to the Android Phone’s sdcard/directory.
  • Now import that file to your phone through the Contacts app or people app.