How to Transfer apps from iphone to ipad


If you have own the iPhone and iPad, you will find the difficulties to transfer apps directly. There are many universal apps which we can share directly. since iPad can run on most iPhone apps, mostly people who first get their iPad apps want to load it up with games and apps they have purchased.

Now this article teaches you how to transfer the the applications from iPhone to iPad using iTunes . To save the troubles on Transferring applications, First you need to purchase the and download the i OS apps from iTunes and load them to the iPhone or iPad. Follow the below steps to transfer the apps from iPhone to iPad.

  • connect Your iPhone to PC or laptop via USB cable and iTunes will run automatically and detect your iPhone .
  • Synced  your iPhone apps. Click on your phone name appearing under the Devices, Then Click the SYNC button at lower right corner.
  • All applications in the phone will Synced to iTunes application library. There is also another way to synced go to file > select sync iPhone option.
  • Once your are done with this remove your iPhone and Connect iPad to the PC through USB cable and iTunes will recognize your iPad.
  • Double click on the icon of the ipad and and select the App Tab on the iTunes top of the main interface and then apps from iTunes library will show up.
  • And click the next Boxes of apps that wishes to transfer to iPad. Click Apply and Sync on the lower right corner, then applications from iPhone will be Transferred to iPad.