How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone and iPad

By | June 11, 2014
screenshot in phone

You might be unknown that, how easy you will capture the screenshot from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in IOS without installing any third-party apps on your Apple device. It will allow you to create a picture of anything  which displayed on the phone screen, and it is not affected by anything and no matter which app you have open. But this feature is only working with IOS 2.0 version and its upgraded version for your Apple iPhone and iPad.

Steps to take a Screenshot on iPhone and iPad

1. To take the screenshot, first of all  you have to press and hold lock button is held down, and also press the menu button (the main button below the screen).

Note: You can also hold the menu button and press the lock button, the main goal is to press the two buttons simultaneously then you will take the screenshot. And in the case-if you keep both buttons held down too long, then you will get the power down confirmation on your device, and by chance you hold the main button for more than two seconds then you will get Siri.

screenshot in phone

2. Now Your iPhone or iPad screen will flash with a white for a second and make  your camera will produce the shutter noise (if you have the volume turned up)  which  indicate that the screen shot has been taken is saved on your device.


The screenshots that you have taken by pressing the keys are automatically saved in the default Photos app under an album called “Photos,” “Saved Photos” or “Camera Roll” has depended on your device and the version which are present in your iPhone or iPad. You can also email one or more screenshots or other pictures, by clicking the action icon Clicking the action icon from a single picture will email the one image. If you click the action button from an index page, you can able to select multiple pictures to attach in an email.