How to Take a Full Webpage Screenshot


Have you ever wanted to capture the whole Web page screenshot, but could only capture what was on your display screen? I will show you how to use a cool Google Chrome developer extension to capture a whole page with ease. Earlier I also used to got struck to capture the screenshot of complete webpage, at that time using inbuilt windows tools like Snipping tool or PrintScreen, I have complete my requirement but now I can do that which was not possible those days.


Screen captures can be very helpful for education, support, presentations, etc. When capturing Web pages, your captures are typically limited to what is view-able on the screen.

If you are also getting the same issue then here is the 100% working solution. Generally to submit any online report or live project we require the complete screenshot to reveal all the features of the project.

There isn’t any tool that captures your webpage completely but using extensions and Ad-ons we can do that. Here below I am describing for the best known browsers which are the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How to Take a Full Webpage Screenshot (For Google Chrome)

  1. Open Google Chrome and search for the Chrome Webstore, or follow this link to directly visit the site.
  2. Now search for “screen capture” in the search box.
  3. An extension will appear called Screen Capture, select the “Screen Capture (by Google)” extension and install it.
  4. After installation, tap the Screen Capture button on the Google Chrome toolbar and choose the Capture Whole Page or use the shortcut key, Ctrl+Alt+H.
  5. In the very next step you will see Chrome scrolling down to capture the whole webpage and after completion, an options bar will open that allows sharing, saving the capture on your local computer.

How to Take a Full Webpage Screenshot (Mozilla Firefox)

The extension about which I am going to talk about is very popular and claims over 4 million downloads and still counting. Go through this tutorial to use this extension.

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser on your desktop and search Google for the Mozilla Adons, click on the first link or follow this link to directly visit the site.
  2. Search for the “Webpage Screenshot” and tap the first link.
  3. Install the Anons and restart your browser.
  4. Now you will see a new icon on the top toolbar, now open the webpage you want to take the screenshot.
  5. For more details and working guide, watch this video.

I hope this tutorial is enough to capture full page screenshot of any website. If you are using different web browser then I would suggest you to download either Chrome or Firefox for this purpose only.