How to sync iTunes library on Android smartphone


Whether you like the Apple product or not, Apple is still leading when comes to its music composition ¬†and there is no doubt that it has revolutionized the way how we consume the music. While many of its alternatives tried to overcome its domination, it is going to take a huge shift for the Apple users to unchain themselves from their iTunes libraries. The main reason behind the selling of the Apple’s devices is the seaming syncing abilities with iTunes and most of the people prefer iTunes as the best method to listen music from their desktop.

If you are using a Android device, but you want to use the iTunes, there are number of ways that you can sync your iTunes library with Android devices. Here we will discuss how to sync iTunes with your Android devices. Using the Google’s Google Play Music, we can stream the tracks and playlists from various other sources wirelessly. To sync the iTunes with Android devices you need to download Google Play Music manger from here on your desktop and Google Play Music app on your Android device.


Here is the procedure for how to sync iTunes library on Android smartphone.

  • Open the downloaded Google Music manager on your desktop and select the upload tab.
  • Now you can sync the complete iTunes library or you can also select the specific playlists.
  • Syncing that playlists to your Google Play Music library doesn’t download automatically on to your device, so you can experiment at this stage.
  • Now open the Google Play Music that you downloaded on to your Android device and select ALL MUSIC from the drop down menu towards top.
  • Select MY LIBRARY to view the current music in the Google Play Music library.
  • You can now stream music over Wi-Fi.
  • If you want the sync the music to your Android device, simply tap on the specific song, playlist or album and select the KEEP ON DEVICE.

Now enjoy your iTunes library on your Android Smartphone.