How to Sync Gmail with Outlook


Millions of people around the world use Google G mail as their Primary e Mail because using G mail is easy to use,Web interface and large storage capacity make it attractive option for the users who want to access their email from anywhere with an Internet connection. Nevertheless, Gmail is a free service, and as such provides no guarantee that messages will always be available or not become lost due to equipment failures or connection outages.

If you are using all the business applications, like calendar, contacts and more, you will want to sync with Google Apps. If you are simply looking for access to your messages, you can use the standard IMAP connection, available with the Outlook program. This article gives clear information How to Sync Gmail with Outlook. You need to follow the below steps to do so

Steps to Sync G mail With Outlook

  • Initially Download the Microsoft  Out look for your computer, and go to the installation procedure to set up the account on your computer.
  • If suppose you are running a company email, as well as G mail, on your Outlook program, you will want to load your company email first on your company’s exchange servers.
  • Go to tool menu in the top Horizontal Tool bar, There you need to click on the accounts at the drop down list from the menu.
  • Once you are done with this an Account dialog box should appear on the display.
  • Click on the Plus and sign in the bottom left hand column of the dialogue box which helps to add the G mail account to your outlook program.
  • Choose the Account type from the list of G mail. Type your G mail email and password.
  • Tick the mark for the configure automatically, then click on the add account.
  • If Outlook has a hard time configuring, you may need to enter some of the information manually. The incoming server should be “”
  •  Return to your main Outlook application when you have successfully added your G mail account. 
  • Press the small icon in the upper left portion of the page that looks like 2 envelopes with arrows going back and forth.
  • Click this button to sync the email in your accounts. This button will not sync your calendar, documents or contacts. You will need to pay for the Google Apps for Business utility to have full syncing functionality

If you write email messages in Outlook and then send them through your G mail account, the G mail Web client saves a copy of them in your Sent Mail folder. Similarly, if you compose a new message in Gmail, Outlook will download a copy and save it in the Sent Mail folder of your Outlook profile the next time you click Send/Receive All Folders. This also applies to messages you delete. If you delete an email in Outlook, Gmail moves the web mail copy to the “Trash” folder when you click the Send/Receive All Folders” button in Outlook.