How to speed up Android phone without Rooting


Even though the performance issue mainly related to the device hard ware configurations like processor, internal memory and also there are few things you can do on the software front which reduce the pressure for the processor and makes faster. This article gives you how to speed up Android phone without Rooting. Simply follow the steps given below

Clear Cached data

To increase the space in the internal memory, we should clear the Cache data for that you need to go to > settings > storage >  find cache data and tap on it to clear.


Uninstall unnecessary apps

As Google Plat store is the home for downloading Android free applications, It is recommended to install and Download the necessary apps.  Apps on the android installed in internal memory ROM which leads to limit the space. Suppose if you install more apps which are unnecessary, It will reduce the consistency of the device and make it slow.

Disable High Speed Data and Background sync

These both features High Speed Data and Background Sync will comparatively slow and drain its juice. To control high speed internet we can install control speed widgets. Switch on this features when we required them or else disable it, which helps you to fasten the device.

Use Apps to free up RAM

Android Booster Free is app which Task you to free up the RAM by killing the unnecessary things and free up the memory. This app is available in the Google play store. Click Here to Download this Application.

Keep your Home Screen Clean

Always try to keep your Home screen clean and neat, Don’t put much icons on the home screen which leads to slow down your device. Make sure to keep the Home screen very clean and neat reduce as many as icons on the screen.