How to share files over Wi-Fi

By | June 4, 2014

Many of us have more than one computer and laptop or Smart phones. You want to share your files between your computers or to a file to your friends PC then sharing the files through the wireless networks is very easy. You can also send the large files fast and simple using the Wireless network.

Here I am explaining step by step process for how to share files over Wi-Fi.

Step 1 :  Setup the wireless connection

First make sure that you have the wireless router and  and it is connected to the internet. Now connect your Computer or laptop to the wireless connection and establish the internet connection. After connecting your computer connect all the computers to which you want to share the files to the Wireless router through the Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2 : Connect each computer over Wi-Fi

  • Now connect every computer to the Wi-Fi. For the computers running on Windows Operating System like Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 go to Network and sharing center and connect to the internet.
  • On Mac laptops go to the System preferences in Network window and enable the AirPort utility to connect to the internet.


Step 3 : Enable fire sharing

  • On Windows PC’s right click on the folder which is having the file you want to share and Choose the Share option there. Now add the IDs which are created on the computer to the list for those who have the access button and click on the Share button.
  • For Mac PCs, click on the Apple logo and go to the System preference options and then choose Sharing. Now add the folders which you want to share by clicking on the Plus sign in on the Shared folder window. Select for the other users who have the access and with whom you want to share the files.

Step 4 : Connect to other computers on wireless connection

  • On Windows PC go to the Start button and use the network selection and all the PCs connected to the LAN are displayed on the Window. Now give double click on the PC name and  enter the login ID and password for that computer.
  • In a Mac PC, open the finder and the files that are selected to share are listed under the shared section under the Finder’s sidebar.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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