How to setup voice mail on Samsung Galaxy S3


There are two ways to set up the access the voice mail on Samsung Galaxy S3, you can manage the voice mail box through  standard voice mail which requires you to navigate the messages and settings entirely through Voice only or Visual Voice mail which enables you to access through the graphical user interface. This article gives you how to set up voice mail on the Samsung Galaxy s3. Simple you need to follow two different steps for two individual methods.

Settings For standard Voice mail

  • Initially press the home button from the phone and tap the keypad, Press 1 and hold until the Samsung Galaxy S3 dials the voice mail.
  • Now you have to enter the wireless number with out area code, To sign in to your mail box for the first time.
  • Once your are done with this we need to follow the voice tutorial to create the personalized password and greetings from your account.
  •  This how you will set the settings for standard Voice mail.

Settings For Visual Voice mail

  • Suppose if you want to prefer the visual voice mail, then you need to touch the apps from the home screen and navigate voice mail application.
  • Now select the personalize to connect to your mail box, Follow the voice tutorial to configure your account.
  • Finally touch the end call to return the visual voice mail and view and you can listen the messages in the index.