How to set ringtone from My Music library on iPhone


If you want ringtones for your iPhone then you need to spend some money and download them from  the iTunes. If you don’t want to spend the money on the costly ringtones, you can create your own ringtone from any of the song  in your iTunes library. So, you can create the ringtones for free and it doesn’t require any extra software and gives you the  ability to create the highly customized ringtones.

Here is the step by step process explaining how to set ringtone from My Music library on iPhone.

  • Go to your iTunes library and select the song which you want to make as iPhone ringtone. Now right click on the song and menu pops up and click on “Get info”.
  • Click on the Options on the information window and enter the part of the song which you want as your ringtone, up to 40 seconds length. Enter the time in the Start and stop time fields and click OK.
  • Click on Advanced>>AAC version and convert the selected segment of the song to AAC version.
  • After this you will hear a bell sound and a file appears below the  original file with the same name but with different figure in the time column.
  • Now change the extension of the file by clicking on the file, “Show in windows explorer”. Right click on the cut song and select rename and there by default extension .m4a will be there and change it to .m4r.
  • Now keep open  the Windows Explorer folder and return to iTunes and now select the AAC file and then choose Edit, Delete from the menu bar. Now choose the Remove from the dialog box and click on keep file in next dialog box and it now reimports the file as a ringtone instead of music file.
  • Open the Windows Explorer once again and drag and drop the .m4r file to the iTunes window and locate the file in the Ringtone library at the left of the application.
  • Now connect your phone to the PC and send this ringtone file to the device.