How to set person based reminder with Cortana


To handle Windows phone for a newbie is quite complex rather than Android smartphones. In my opinion the biggest advantage of having a Windows Phone is it Voice assistance feature – Cortana. Cortana is able to do any kind of task. But to use Cortana is not that easy. Read this article to set person based reminder with Cortana.

You can tell Cortana to remind you anything when you receive and send emails, texts, or phone calls from certain people in your phone-book. You should try it out.


Recently Microsoft has releases the Windows Phone 8.1 update to all WP users, if you are still running the lower version, just check for updates and start using the latest version.

How to set person based reminder with Cortana

To start using the person-based reminder with Cortana, press Search button for few seconds to enable Cortana, also you can use her live tile if you have it on your home screen. Now tell anything to Cortana to do, here below are some examples which helps you a lot to set person based reminder.

  • Remind me to ask about work when Sheila calls.
  • When John calls, remind me to say congratulations.
  • Remind me to ask what time the plane arrives next time Annie calls.
  • When Google calls, ask him if he’s hungry.

Examples given above request updates when your contacts call, we have perceived updates also show up when they send email or text. You also get the reminder when you launch the email, telephone call or text. It appears Cortana changes over all the reminder asks for above to “next time I talk with” that person.


When you get a call from one of the reminder asks for, the alarm appears right over the answer button. That is a truly helpful location, so you won’t miss the reminder. When you accept a quick message or email from the contact, the update pops up on top of the screen. Click the complete button to prevent the reminder from appearing next time. You can additionally click “next time” button if you have to be reminded again. You will have to click one of the two buttons for the reminder to stop.