How to save emails to flash drive

By | May 29, 2014

Email is the one of the source of communications professionally in the business world, Even some of us may get hundreds and thousands of mails in a day or week. Due to busy schedule their is no time to read all the mails, To over come this problem we can save emails to flash drive. In this article I will teaches to save the mails in the flash drive, simply you need to follow the steps as below.when you download inbox to the USB flash drive there many ways to get you benefits.

  • It provides means of storage for virtual communication, file attachments and other documents.
  • The copying emails to the flash drive leads a space in your inbox for most recent emails and many others.
  • The important benefit is that you can access your mail with out need of internet connection.
  • ┬áThis also allows you to be sent messages it does not matter where you are.

There are different types of approaches you can take to move emails to the flash drive, In Microsoft Outlook it depends up on what kind of format do you need actually it may be text file or else you want to display the message usually. In this outlook there is option in file menu > click on ” import/export” > click export file > Click .pst option > and select where to export subsequently. Go to browse option save exported file as and select where you want to save with location.

Open your word document simultaneously open the email message and hit Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+v from the email to the document. save the posted email document onto your flash drive.