How to restore iPad and iPhone from iOS 8 beta to iOS 7.1.1

By | June 4, 2014
iOS 8 restore

Restoring your iPhone or iPad from latest iOS 8 beta back to iOS 7.1.1 is a very simple and easy to follow process, and a very essential too, if you are facing frozen screens and apps that either automatically quit or do not even work at all.

iOS 8 restore

According to me, any app that is connected to the Safari browser to bring up pages, let us take Circa as example, crashes soon I try to use to load any page though this. This will I guess be one of the first bugs settled in the first iOS 8 beta update will come later this fall, but if you can not wait until then go ahead and downgrade or restore it now to the stable iOS 7.1.1.

Its obvious that iOS 8 beta still has some bugs and errors that might cause problem with your device and for that only they are providing for free to the users to test this. We can expect the original roll-out won’t get any issues compared to now.

Once iOS 8 is released to the public this fall, you will not be able to downgrade or restore it to the ioS 7.1.1, but until then, walk through this tutorial to get your task done in minutes.

How to restore iPad and iPhone from iOS 8 beta to iOS 7.1.1

  1. If you just updated to latest iOS beta and here to restore it back then I hope you have the backup created with the iTunes right?, that’s great!.
  2. To get the iOS 7.1.1 through iTunes you need to first go to the recovery mode, to do so switch your iPhone or iPad as you normally do off completely. Connect your USB to your PC—but not your iPhone or iPad yet. Hold the Home button while you connect the USB cable to your iPhone. Don’t leave the home button until the recovery mode appeared on your screen. iTunes will automatically detect your iPhone or iPad.
    Restore iOS 7-1
  3. To restore back to the iOS 7.1.1 you just need to tap the restore button on iTunes, Click on “Restore and Update” to verify. Hit “Next” and “Agree” to the terms.
    Restoe iOS 7 -2
  4. Once after finish restore you just need to activate your device using your Apple ID.
    restore iOS 7-3
  5. It depends on you how you want to restore your iPhone or iPad, you will get two option, either you can go for restore with factory reset or restore with last backup.
    restore iOS -4

That’s it, successfully downgraded / restored your iPad or iPhone to 7.1.1 from iOS 8.