How to restore factory settings on Windows Phone 8


If you are using a smartphone running on Windows Phone 8 OS such as Nokia Lumia series phones, HTC or Samsung and you want to reset those phones to the default factory settings, then here is the step by step tutorial explaining how to restore factory settings on Windows Phone 8.

There will be so many reasons for restoring your phone to original factory settings like facing the performance problems or selling the phone to anyone etc,. So. whatever may be reason here is the tutorial to reset your Windows phone and it is very easy process.


Step 1 : Go to the App lists on your Windows Phone and check for the Settings which are shown by cog.

Step 2 : After going to the settings check for the System settings in the menu and click on the about in the bottom.

Step 3 : Now you will headed to about and in the bottom of the screen tap on the option saying “Rest your phone”.

Step 4 : After tapping on it you will be shown a warning message and after reading the warning message showing restoring deletes all the personal content, if you want to continue then click on “YES”.

Step 5 : Again you will get another warning asking “surely you want to all the data” and click on  Yes.

Step 6 : Now your Windows Phone will reboot and deletes all the data and your phone will be restored to its default factory settings.

Congrats! your Windows Phone is now restored to default factory settings and your phone looks like the new one.