How to restore factory settings on Android devices


Restore factory settings is nothing but getting back your phone to the original status and make it looks like a new phone. Restoring the factory settings deletes all the personal settings and data on your device. You want to reset your phone in the situations like when it is very slow and taking time to open the applications and when you want to sell your phone.

Here is the step by step procedure explaining how to restore factory settings on Android Phones.

Method 1

This method is for working devices

  • First step is go to the setting son your Android device, the settings icon varies depending on the manufacturer.
  • Now in the settings menu find for the Factory Reset option. It may be found in one of the two sections of settings depends on Android version.
    • Tap on Privacy settings and find “Factory Reset”.
    • Select “Back up and reset settings” and come down for “Factory Reset”.


  • In the Factory reset tap on “reset device” and it will delete all the data and restores the device’s factory settings.
  • The list of the accounts from the accounts you are signed in will be displayed on the screen.
  • After tapping reset button you will be asked to erase the data on your SD card, if you want to delete then mark the check box.
  • Finally confirm by selecting “Erase everything” and this deletes all the data and restores your device back to the factory settings.

Method 2


This method is for Non booting devices

  • In restoring the non booting devices, the first step is to completely power off the device. If your device is struck off then pull off the battery to power off the device.
  • Now press and hold the recovery buttons and this buttons may differ from the device to device. You can try the below methods.
    • Volume Down + Power
    • Volume Up + Home + Power.
    • Home + Power.
  • Once your device shows the recovery menu, you can navigate through the menu with volume buttons. Open the recovery menu and find the Factory reset mode. Use the power buttons to select the options.
  • Now you will be asked to confirm the factory reset and select Yes to confirm.
  • Wait for the some time to complete the factory reset.