How to reset password if you forgot on windows Samsung laptop


If password was forgot, some people think that they can reset the laptop to factory set, but that will leads to lose some important data as well as files. Its not an issue easily you can over come this problem. This post teaches you some methods how to reset password if you forgot on windows Samsung laptop. In these operating system we can rest the password such as Vista, windows 7 and even in windows server 2008, 2003 and 2000.In this article there are some solutions to reset the password when you forgot.

Reset Samsung Windows password using  CMD on Samsung Laptop

  • Log on to the computer or laptop as a administrator ( you can log on safe mode command prompt, Start your laptop and then press F8, press up and down button to choose Safe mode command prompt and hit enter)
  • Click start on search box type cmd and hit enter.


  • Then type net user, all the users of your computer will be displayed


  • Type net user username and new password (replace username and password to yours) hit enter.
  • Restart your computer and log in with user name and new password.

Samsung Windows Password to reset disk

Follow the step by step procedure to reset the Windows Samsung administrator password, Here we are taking Windows 7 password reset disk for example.

  • Start your laptop, In welcome screen log in with a incorrect password It will show you failed and shows you link reset password.
  • Click reset password when reset wizard appears click next.
  • Select your disk from the pull down list and click on next.
  • Type a new password and and conform it and click next to finish.
  • Log on to the system with new Administrator password.