How to Reset Lost Admin password on Mac OS X

By | June 9, 2014
reset lost admin password on mac os x

Suppose if you not able to install any software or even log in because you forgot administrator account password and your are not able to remember the password? No need to access to super user (root) account to make changes not allowed even to administrators? easily you can able to reset the password with out losing the data in the system.

You may have many Questions running on you mind what is the mind to reset Admin password? Nothing to worry this article teaches you How to reset lost admin password on mac OS x, By using single user mode you can reset the admin password, Simply Follow the steps given below.

Access to Single User Mode

  • Initially you need to shut down the system (don’t restart).
  • By holding the Command key and button S together and turn on the computer, make sure that the both button must be holding when you switch on the system.
  • Wait until you see the black screen with white bunch of script on the screen, and now you are in single user Mode. The computer is ready to use when you see the local host:/root#.

Check the Drivers for the errors

  • Next step we need to fix the errors if there is any, Actually we do this because of the power of the single user mode and you don’t want to make massive changes if there are issues which could be made worse Right after the # on the last line of the screen type fsck-fy and press (return) when the process is finished, you will see Localhost:/root#.

Access the drive so you can make changes

  • Before reset your password you need to mount the device which allows you to make changes to files, At the prompt type mount -uw and hit return.

Reset the Password

  • Type launchctl load /system /library/launch daemons/ and press(return).
  • Type Ls/users and hit enter, It will show the list of the users along with public.
  • Type dscl password/users/ username/password while replacing the username with one of the user name which is shown in the previous step the you can have your own password and press enter, Ignore error message appearing the entering command.