How to remove virus manually from the Computer


In this article we will discuss about how to remove virus manually from the computer, Main reason to slow down the system is dude to viruses like Trojan, newfolder.exe, ravmon.exe, smss.exe  etc (read also re-enable windows taskmgr disabled by administrator). Some time the Antivirus Live viruses also infect your computer. Follow the simple steps to remove the virus present in the Computer, Even thought if you don’t have the internet connection then you cannot update the anti virus software.

How to determine the if you computer might have affected with virus

The symptom of virus infections are as follows

  • The computer will be slower down,.
  • Automatically the system will go shutdown.
  • The drivers in the system does not open properly, even if you double click.
  • Your Task Manager is disabled.When you want to open it then the message  “Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator” appears.
  • Disabled Registry Editor:If you are trying to run “regedit” command the message “Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator” appears.
  • Disabled Command Prompt:“The command prompt has been disabled by your administrator. Press any key to continue”.
  • The files which you are hidden in system cannot be shown, Folder option will be disappear.

Solutions To remove the Virus Manually

  • You cannot view the exact process done by the CPU in the Task Manager but you can able to find the Virus for which it is occurring, Instead of the task manager you can use the Process Explorer as a Task Manager, where it is portable and you can store it in the USB Flash drive. Download the Process Explorer Here.
  • Impossible to make changes at all with out registry editing, Where it is disable You can use the alternative registry editor “Regalyzer”. Download from Here Regalyzer.
  • By using Run dialog replacement v 1.o you can enable the Run command, Download Run dialog replacement v 1.o Here.
  • If you system affected virus MSCONFIG files are also be deleted, to over come this problem Download the Autoruns which is the alternative method.
  • Most of the virus files are .exe hidden files to show the hidden files you have to use Free commander, This tool is best tool to show all the hidden files.
  • Download PowerExes Pack to get all tools together.