How to post a tweet using Siri in iOS 7

By | April 24, 2014

I have a nice tips for you to use tweeter in a simpler way. If you Twitter addicted and used to tweet every moment then sure you gonna like this post.


If you have iPhone or iPad or even iPod touch and running iOS 7, Siri makes your task easier than ever to post a tweet to your Twitter timeline without even having to tap a single key on the keyboard. This makes for a great trick when you are wearing gloves or doing something where you cannot completely concentrate on typing.

Process of setting Siri for this task is not a big  just follow the steps mentioned below:

How to post a tweet using Siri in iOS 7

  1.  First you need to active the Siri on your iPhone or iPad, press and hold Home button for few seconds until you see “What can I help with?”
  2. Now say “Compose a tweet“, in the next window you will see a text-box titled ‘Tweet‘.
  3. Now Siri will ask you to dictate the post you want to tweet and after completing the dictation you either say “Yes” or tap on confirm button to allow Siri to tweet the post.
  4. Now a message will appear on the screen showing “Ok I sent it.

That’s it you have successfully tweeted your post using Siri with ease. If you get error during this, make sure that you are logged in to twitter. You can check it in Settings menu. I hope you liked this post.

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Author: Galvin Carter

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