How to Play a YouTube Video Repeatedly

By | June 12, 2014

I do spend my most of time with my PC and some of the time, I cherish listening to songs on YouTube to keep me from getting exhausted. Like today, I think I have been playing Melanie Fiona’s 4 am for like 4 hours non-stop. Exchanging once more to the YouTube tab to play the song again while working is rather annoying and wastes my valuable time however, I figured out methods to loop the song without doing that. I don’t have to click on the replay button on YouTube  because I have set the track to repeat automatically. There are a few approaches to set your music to repeat automatically on YouTube.


Here I have listed some of the best known methods to do that. Actually, YouTube is providing any kind of options like this, but using some add-ons or extensions we can do that. Go for the method you liked the most to use and also don’t forget to leave a comment which one you have selected for this purpose and how it is working with your browser.

How to Play a YouTube Video Repeatedly

Mozilla Firefox Add-on

As you know, there is an add-on for almost everything we want to achieve online with Firefox browser, one of my favorite web browser. These add-ons have played an important role in making this a popular browser. YouTube Auto Replay is what I personally use and here recommending you as well to set favorite song to play repeatedly.

how-to-repeat-youtube-videos-Mozilla Add-on

As you can see in the image, how this add-on allows you to play a video in loop mode, no matter you want to watch the whole song or just a part of it. Just install the add-on from the link given below, restart your browser and you should see a Replay button below every YouTube video.

Add-on direct link!

Google Chrome

Just like you have seen above, using Firefox add-on we can repeat a YouTube video automatically, here also there is an add-on that does the same. But this plugin has not that many options as Firefox has but still we are here to just get the solution not to compare.

how-to-repeat-youtube-videos Chrome add-on

Just click on the lick below which I have posted to go directly to the add-on download page.

Add-on Direct Link!

Using Greasemonkey Script

Greasemonkey is basically a Firefox add-on allows you to control how web pages behave using javascript. To use this script on your computer, you have to first install Greasemonkey and then install this script. You will see an adds a loop button added below every YouTube video exactly we have seen above.


There are some dedicated websites that allows you to repeat a Video on YouTube continuously. This is similar to the one above, you only need to visit the video page, and add repeater word just after YouTube as shown in the screenshot below and hit Enter.


A new web page will open with new interface showing a repeat button with time or repeat the complete video.

That’s all for now, keep visiting our website to get all latest news and tips & tutorials. Also, if you have any doubt other than this then drop  a comment below, I will try to get back to you with the positive solution.