How to password protect files on Mac book


Keeping password is a smart thing to protect the data in the file from unauthorized members, In this article you will learn how to keep password protect files on the Mac book. There are few steps to keep the password to files which you are using in the system. Simply follow the steps as below to protect your files on Mac.

Steps to password protect files on Mac

  • Initially create the new folder and put the files which you want to protect in to this new folder.


  • Once you done with the above step, Right Click the folder or press Ctrl-Click the folder and get information, Note down the size of the contents in the folder.


  •  Then open Disk Utility ( go to applications> utilities > Disk utilities ).


  • Click the new image folder to create new disk image folder and select the size which is adequate to the size of the content of the folder which you want to protect.


  • After that the fill the window which appears, either select the 128 or 256 bit encryption and set the partition to the single partition and set the image format to read/write format. And finally click the button create.


  • Once you are done with this, a window will appears asking you to give the password. Choose the secure password in the give boxes and un check the password to remember and click OK button.


  • Place the contents of the folder in this newly mounted disk image.


  • un mount the disk image by dragging its icon to the trash, In the finder window you can also click the eject symbol next to mounted image.


  • Each subsequent attempt accessing the image will cause the prompt for the password.