How to Password Lock and Secure your Wireless Router

By | June 19, 2014
How to Password Lock and Secure your Wireless Router

Protecting wireless Router is essential to the wireless router  If you are not securing your wireless router, then your router can be connected easily to the other computer or some devices which has WiFi option I mean to say your router leads to unauthorized access. There are many disadvantages when this happens. To over that disadvantages its your minimum responsibility to secure your WiFi router. This article gives you clear information about how to password lock and secure your Wireless Router. To know the steps follow the guide represent below. Steps to secure Wireless Router

  • Initially press start button and go to run and type cmd and type ” ipconfig ” with out quotation marks and locate the Default gateway.
  • To typically starts with 193.168 note this number. If you cannot find it, Check your router’s instruction manual for details, or contact or your network administration.
  • Once you are done with this navigate the router admin panel IP address from your browser of your computer, which you previously determine from the IPConfigure.

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  • Enter your Username and the password to access to your router settings check the manual for the default username and password.
  • Select WPA2 from the router’s security protocol options to activate the option to enter a new network key.
  • Select a strong Password which includes special characters, Capital letters, make password minimum 6 letters to 10 letters.
  • Enter the password you have chosen in the router’s Network key option wireless devices will require this password to gain access to your WiFi network and the Internet.
  • Finally click the save button to apply the security protocol and password to your router and network.

It is good to check the software updates for your router, Depending up on the administration software for your router may have the menu options where to check updates manually. In some cases it automatically check for the updates whne you log in . It is good to check for updates by log in so that you wont lose the crucial updates.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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