How to Open Website when blocked


Facebook, Twitter, Orkut are the popular Social Networking site millions of people are using it, Many of them are addicted to this website too, Many of the companies, Collages and schools will block these type of social networking sites in their office network. There are many ways to open this site with out knowing to the admin. This post will gives you clear picture about How to open website when blocked.

Using proxy /Tunnel website

This is one of the best simple ways of opening blocked website, All you need to do is to open the proxy website which is generally uses the proxy server and enter their website you want to open

For example :,, and more

By using the IP of the Website

Enter the IP address of the website instead of the website name in the Address bar, we can get the IP addresses of the website Here. OR else even you can get the IP address of the URL go to computer and open the command prompt and enter the Following command and hit enter.

Fb Block Open 1

Change the DNA of the Network

Go to control panel > internet and network connections > Network connection right click the network connections you are using and then click on the properties and the TCP/IP.

Fb Block Open 4

Use short URL

By using the shorten URL websites like,, and get the short URL of the website which you want to open and paste it on the the addressing bar.

Fb Block Open


There are many applications available on the internet and in the market to open the website which is blocked, This is also a on eon the best way of opening the website when it is blocked.

G mail

Browse to settings > labs > add gadget by Click enable. Now go to gadgets tab under settings

Add to the field and click add button. Now you can find facebook link below chat label, click and enjoy


When nothing else works, The VPN service definitely works Install this free VPN service called proxpn.