How to open password protected word document

By | May 27, 2014

Keeping password is a smart thing to secure the data in the word but forgetting word password is a usual thing and there are some methods about How to open the password protected word document are becoming more with third party software. This post bring you the methods to retrieve the word password. Here comes the Two effective password recovery software.

Recover word password with word password Genius

  • Initially you need to download it from isunshare and install it on your computer.
  • Import encrypted word word files. Click open button to open the decrypted word file and then it will emerges in to encrypted file box.
  • Select the type of attack , Here there are four types of password attacks are they, There are Brute force, Mask Force, Smart attack and dictionary. Accordingly to every attack set the characteristic set parameters for them.
  • Brute Force set Range, Length. Set length is to set minimal and maximal length of password, Range is possible character consist of password.
  • Mask force When you remember part of password then you can better set Mask for mask attack.
  • Smart attack No specific settings
  • Dictionary attack Set dictionary file pack, If you choose this type then you will find the pass word in the password dictionary.
  • Click Start to recovery the password. After few seconds password will be shown in the pop up window.

Remove Password before Open word file Document

Word password remover is the simple password remover tool for encrypted word file

  • Initially you need to Download this word password remover and install in your computer.
  • Open your encrypted file document.
  • Click remove password in the window. After you can easily able to open this word file.