How to merge 2 or more mp3 files

By | June 15, 2014

Joining audio song to play, which creates a fade away affect after each song, the merged mp3 files can be played continuously even after each song without any interruption. This helps those that love to play a long music list for hours. The other good thing when you merge mp3 files is that transferring it to other portable gadgets and device is now easier, compare to sending the  individual track that will take some time to finish. These are the basic key point that is why many music lovers tend to merge all of their mp3 tracks into one audio file.


Some people used to merge audio file to add it with the audio to mute the actual video music. Sometimes you get the desired effect and sometimes you need to give more time to merge 2 or more mp3 files into one. If you like to play with music by cutting, adding and merging one mp3 file to another one them this post is only for you.

Here below I have posted three working methods to merge 2 or more mp3 files in one. You can use any software that claims to join mp3 files, but not all of them allows you to join more than 2 audio files into one.

How to merge 2 or more mp3 files

I guess you have the idea that there is possibility to merge mp3 files together without the use of a tool, so let’s go deeper into the various methods that can be used in merging multiple mp3 tracks all together.

Method 1 : Using Audacity


Audacity is one of the most popular editing tool, we are also here foe being easy with the Audacity.

Step 1: Before going through its mp3 merge function you need to install it first from the official website and launch it. Now on the Audacity’s interface hit File > Open and load all of the mp3 tracks that you want to join together.

Step 2: Now go to the Audacity editor and select the part of the audio track that you want to merge, then select the Edit button after that copy the highlighted part.

Step 3: Then go to the track where you want to merge the part you just copied, move the cursor at the end of the track and press Edit>Paste. You can repeat the same process to add 2 or more mp3 files.

Step 4: In the last step you just need to save that file on which you have made the changes. Always try to use the save as option instead of save to keep the original file intact from any change.

Download Audacity

Method 2: Using Streaming Audio Recorder


The next method that we have that does almost the same work as Audacity, but it has more options to work with. We are now going to take advantage of this multi-functional software that can handle audio recording and editing as well. The software which I am going to use for merging multiple audio files is actually a Streaming Audio Recorder.

Step 1: Browse the mp3 file on which you want to make changes. Now to merge the audio tracks, go to the Tools menu > Insert sound file, this will automatically combine the two tracks together.

Step 2: To add more mp3 file, just repeat these steps until all of the audio tracks are added. This will help you if you want to make a audio file to run with any interruption. Also, this tool helps a lot to make music jukebox in YouTube and other websites that provides continuous streaming or music.

Step 3: For more editing needs, you can also make use of this tool to cut, split, mix, overwrite with the sound file, cut and paste parts of MP3 files.

Download Streaming Audio Recorder

Method 3: Edit audio file professionally (Apowersoft Video editor)


We have a professional method to edit an audio file to make it usable in other place, an outstanding video editor that allows you all the video and audio editing tools that helps to create or make something real.

Step 1: Before going through the software to merge audio file, the first thing is to click the Import button to browse the mp3 file, you can select all your mp3 files. Once, after importing all the files you want to work with, drag them one by one on the Music timeline which is located below.

Step 2: Keep in mind that drag the file at the end of each mp3 track; repeat the same steps to add more audio tracks you want to merge. After finishing this, you can now save them by clicking on the Create icon.

Step 3: Soon after clicking on the create, a new window will pop-up to select the audio file format, hit the Format tab, select mp3, rename it and click Create icon once again to start saving your file on your computer.

Download Apowersoft

What you think about these softwares?? Must drop a comment if it is useful or not. Also, if you have some other software that does the same, then just write the name of it, I will try to add them into this post.