How to Make your Laptop Faster


Initially when you buy the laptop it will perform well and gradually the performance will decreases, Many of the users have the questions in mind that how to speed up their laptops. This post definitely gives the perfect answer for that question in the minds of users How to make laptop faster. The main steps to be follow to speed up the laptop as below.

  • Uninstall the Unnecessary Programs suppose if you run more programs in the back ground then then system performance will be go slow. To avoid this problem make sure to uninstall the unnecessary programs. To uninstall go to start menu> search bar> type Add or remove program > hit enter, List of uninstalled programs will appear and click on program name and click uninstall.


  • Install and use the Good and Well Registered Cleaner


  • Check the system for the Spyware this is the type of software that runs on the background process and monitors your usage and sends information to the companies with out your approval.


  • Anti virus Software to be Installed By installing antivirus you can able to detect the threads and that can be scanned easily which may cause harm to the system.


  • Big Files to be Keep off Desktop the files which are downloading not to keep on the desktop. If your desktop cluttered, move many non essential files in to a separate folder.


  • Disable Windows Aero  to disable this right click any where in the desktop and go to personalize from the drop down menu. On the list of themes that appears, scroll to bottom and and select “windows classic”.


  • Upgrade the memory suppose you are not interested to uninstall the programs then one thing you need to do is increasing the memory. By increasing the memory definitely the performance will be good. This may be expensive.


  • Use Paging file size if you don’t have enough money to upgrade your RAM. This will boost up your laptop and use up your Hard Disk. At least it is set t use 1 GB of your Hard disk.
  •  Use all Cores go to run> type msconfig> click the boot tab > click advance options > Click the box says number of processor and click here number > Click on apply. Suppose your laptop have only one core then not use this step.