How to make Galaxy S5 look like stock Android

By | April 26, 2014
samsung galaxy s5

The Galaxy S5 is hot and new Smartphone which recently comes out of the Samsung  Smartphone factory. It is latest flagship device of Samsung which offered some new  features such as Fingerprint Scanner, waterproof and dust proof and with a highly capable 16-megapixel camera and runs on the latest Android Kitkat 4.4.2 operating system. If you want to give some new look which similar to the stock Android then you have to follow this tutorial.

How to make Galaxy S5 look like stock Android

Google Calendar

Now goes to the Google’s stock calendar app which is available in the Google Play Store and download it into Galaxy S5, if you are not feeling the Samsung Calendar app which they called “S Planner” on some international models is not so fine for your Smartphone.


If you want to avoid the duplicate notifications from the built-in calendar, then go the-head to Menu>Settings>Event Notification in that app, and choose “Off” under “Select Alert Type.”

Google Keyboard

The Samsung latest keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy S5 has based on the Swiftkey SDK, which providing a full row of number keys and continuous input.


The Google’s has own Android keyboard app  which is a great alternative of the Samsung Keyboard, and is is available  free to download on the Google Play Store. (You can also look at the full version of SwiftKey which has a more accurate prediction.)

For SMS use Hangouts

From last year the Google Hangouts is offering the SMS and MMS feature, it is also offered the instant messages feature. If you want to use Google Hangouts messages instead of the built-in Samsung Messages app, go to the Settings>Applications>Messages>Default messaging app and choose Hangouts.


For this you have to need a Google Account which associates with SMS messages — that will find out which account shows your text messages, if you have a number of Google accounts.

Use any custom launcher

At present therein now Google Play Edition is available for the  Galaxy S5 like the Nexus device. But in place of that you can use the Nova Launcher or Apex which, offered an extensively customized to bring your GS5 closer to Google’s version of Android.

And if want to use the Google Now Launcher in your Galaxy S5. You cannot download the Google Now Launcher from the Google Play Store, because from the Store only Nexus and some Motorola device can download.

custo launcher

But you can download the Apk of the launcher which is easily available on the Internet. The Google Now Launcher brings the Google’s predictive search engine  into the Smartphone home screen, along with clean, simple icons and widgets. The Google’s launcher also provides  all the static wallpapers from the Nexus 5,  which gives a you an alternative fresh look to your’s Samsung Smartphone.

After the custom launcher is installed in your Galaxy S5 you can Switch between the custom launcher and the TouchWiz launcher through Settings>Applications>Default Applications>Home. You also can disable this on your lock screen through Settings>Sound and Display>Lock screen).

Use Sun Beam Live Wallpaper


Ported from the original two Google Play edition handsets last year, Shen Ye’s Sun Beam Live Wallpaper is identical to the red-hued animated background you would find that it will be preloaded on GPe device

Google Camera

Recently the>Google Camera app is launched on the Google Play, it is now possible for any Android 4.4 KitKat device to use the stock Android camera app, which has a feature similar to the Photosphere and the new lens blur effect.


Use Muzei and DashClock Widget


You can use the DashClock which gives you a customizable widget that displayed the time and any number of extensions from a range of built-in and other third-party apps. You also use the Muzei Live Wallpaper brings beautifully blurred wallpaper to your  Samsung Galaxy S5