How to make Android phone child-friendly with Kid mode

By | April 30, 2014

To make your device look like child friendly you first need to download an app called Kid Mode from Google Play Store. Kid Mode is a nice app developed by Zoodles that not only provides more parental control but also allows to be more creative, learn and draw to any newer Android smartphones.


After getting this app you can anytime switch back to the normal more you love to use your device. But the thing is you first need to check the compatibility of the app you are going to get on your phone. If you have HTC device then you can easily get this. If you can see install button on the play store after following the link given above then it is good for you.

Let’s begin setting up the Kid Mode app you have just downloaded.

Steps to make Android phone child-friendly with Kid mode

  1. Launch the Kid Mode app on your smartphone and tap on the Get Started Button.
  2. It will ask your Date-of-Birth to verify you are able to enable Parent mode or not.
  3. Go through the Child-Setup procedure and add all the children you want to use this mode and click on the done button after setting.
  4. Now just after that it will take you to the next step where you need to add the apps you want to allow your child to use.
  5. Also do some manual settings if you want such as blocking some sites or setting up times and limit etc, for this pre-installed options are there.

That’s it you have successfully setup Kid Mode on your device. Now lets go to the process to enable and disable Kid mode.

How to enable and disable Kid Mode

  1. Launch the Kid Mode app after setting it up completely.
  2. Click on the child image icon and hand over him/her, Kid Mode is enabled.
  3. Now to disable Kid mode, return to the main menu and tap on the cross (X) button you will see at the top right corner.
  4. It will again ask you to provide the password and you are done, now you can use your device as normal.