How to Live stream a Video to the web


Ever longed you had your TV show? A webcam and an internet are everything you need! Need to show off your gaming abilities? Game streams are getting more popular by the day. Streaming live video is the fate of the web, and it is less complex than any other time to get ready for. Read on after the bounce to figure out how to begin.

Online Live Streaming

Here I have listed three ways to broadcast your video online via the support of some dedicated websites known for it. The listed three ways are:

How to Live stream a Video to the web

  1. Live streaming through the webcam
  2. Live Streaming an Event and
  3. Live streaming a video game

There are different tutorial for each requirement, first choose the method you want to go for. These days, along with the Video Game live streaming, the Event streaming is also very popular. I hope you will not get any difficulty following the steps mentioned below for each.

To live stream a video you should have decent internet speed and sufficient data to broadcast, also you need to make sure that the content should be original and verified. You cannot broadcast any illegal video or anything related to it.

First, I will show you how easily you can broadcast or live stream your webcam video over the internet, its an interesting tutorial to go for, or even if you want to experiment how these things works then I guess this tutorial will help you the most.

How to Live stream a Video to the web

Live streaming through the webcam

Webcan livestream

Step 1: First of all find an online service that broadcast video online, as you want to stream live from your webcam, you will need to sign up with a streaming host (mandatory step). The host will provide the bandwidth that will let you share your stream with others you want to share. Here are some of the known services for this task

  • Vaughn Live
  • Bambuser
  • Google Hangouts On Air
  • Livestream

Here I have selected the to show you an example how to do that.

Step 2: Go to, the next step you need to do is Sign-up using your proper email id. As I said earlier, all streaming services will require you to create an account with them in order to stream. All offer a free account option, and many offer paid accounts that increase the number of viewers you can have and remove showing ads on the site.

Step 3: Use inbuilt web broadcasting option, Almost all services that are known for this allows you to broadcast without downloading any software. Using web broadcasting software provides a lower-quality broadcast than using downloaded broadcasting software, sometimes this method varies from site to site. Now follow the step to get ready for streaming:

  1. Sign in using the account you have created
  2. Create a room or channel to stream. Many sites have a “Go Live” or “Broadcast Now” button.
  3. Allow Flash to access your webcam (As we are following the method to live stream webcam). You may need to update your version of Flash.
  4. Start broadcasting. Once your camera has been detected, you can immediately start the broadcasting online.

Step 4: Embed your Live Stream, once after setting up the channel, you can use the provided code to embed it into your own website. In order to do this, you will need to be able to edit the code in your webpage where you want to stream.

Live Streaming an Event

Live stream video

Step 1: Here also you first need to Signup, much similar like as you did while streaming through webcam. See the previous section for information on signing up with a hosting service.

  1. If you are planning to stream a large event with a lot of viewers, it will be good for you to sign up for a paid service. This will allow for more viewers on your stream and even it will remove the ads for your viewers as well. Services such as EdgeCast specialize in streaming large events, but for that you need to spend premium bucks.
  2. If your event is a paid-access event, make sure that the service you choose has the ability to only allow viewers that have paid the fee to watch.

Step 2: Choose the device to stream video, if you are thinking to stream a video via mobile then you will get very low quality video, instead if you want good quality streaming then go for some good digital camcorder and a streaming device or laptop connected to the internet.

  • If you are using a laptop or PC to stream video from your camcorder, you will need to plug in the camcorder to the system and then use a streaming software such as Wirecast or Flash Media Live Encoder.

Step 3: Setup the device: Make sure that you have successfully set up the recording device to broadcast the, basically the sound, because people will watch only if voice is clear.

If you are facing any issue related to setting things up, then consult the expert before streaming the video or event.

Step 4: Embed your Video to the website: once after setting everything properly, you can use the provided code to embed the video to place into your own website. In order to do this, you will need to be able to edit the code in your webpage where you want to stream.

Live streaming a video game

Game live Stream

Step 1: Similar to the above one, first sign up a service to host the video game streaming. The host will allow you the bandwidth and the chat program for your viewers, as well as some handy tool that will help you to control the broadcast your game. The most popular websites for this purpose are:


Twitch is one of the most famous and trusted website to live stream a video game to your viewers.

Step 2: Now you need to install the best Desktop/screen recorder to capture your gameplay directly. To do you can look for

  • Camtasia Studio
  • LiteCam HD
  • Debut Video Capture Software

Step 3: Make sure that you should have a powerful computer to broadcast your gameplay online, as you are also going to use Twich as the host then here comes the requirement to live stream:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium or later
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz or AMD equivalent

Step 4: This time you need to link your software you are using to capture the screen to the host where you want to stream. Open the Service tab or menu in your broadcast software. Programs like FFSplit offer Twitch and preloaded.

Step 5: Choose the encoding option: Many programs and services have recommended settings for various types of games and connection speeds.

Step 7: now you are almost done, just embed the video code to your website to begin the broadcast.

Don’t forget to share, is the tutorial has enough information to start with? If yes, then don’t forget to share with your friends to let them broadcast the gameplay, event and more.