How to install Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview on Lumia


Microsoft’s new update of Windows Phone has now available to developers, general users might have to wait for few months. This update is very huge for Microsoft as it includes a great features that many owner are feeling “matures Windows Phone” and makes somewhat more competitive with the other OS available for mobiles. While, that has yet to be resolved, if you want to try it out on your Windows running phone, you can.


But to get this Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview on your device, you need to be a developer. You should have either a developer unlocked device or open app project in the Windows Phone App Studio and also a developer account.

Here I will help you how to open an app project and how to install Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview onto any Windows Phone 8 device. Before following the steps first find Stock ROM for your device which will help you to re-install the WP8 if you get struck somewhere in the middle of the process.
Note: Once after getting this update you cannot revert back to the Windows Phone 8.

First Create a new developer project

  1. Visit this site:
  2. Start a New Project by clicking on the blue button you will see in that page.
  3. It will ask you to sign in first, try to use new Microsoft account.
  4. Then choose any template to start with.

How to install Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview onto any Windows Phone 8

  1. Unlock your Windows Phone and head over to the App Store. (Must login with the same Microsoft ID)
  2. Search for the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Edition update.
  3. Go to Settings-> Phone Update and tap Phone Update and reboot the device. You might have to do this many times until you get to the latest Windows Phone 8.1 version.

How to set up Cortana

  1. To use Cortana, Microsoft’s version of Siri/Google Now – Voice Assistance, you need to set your location to US, and language to US English.
  2. That’s it, now reboot to take place the changes you have made to your device.