How to Install MS Office on Linux

By | June 2, 2014

The Open Office is pre-installed in the Linux Operating system. If you want to install the Microsoft Office in Linux OS, you have to follow some steps. I will teach you, how to install MS Office in  Ubuntu Linux. These Steps are specially for the MS Office 2003 and MS Office 2007, but it can supports also the latest version of the  MS Office.

Note : I was using MS Office 2003 inside the Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” but these steps might be also work with the other version of MS Office versions or the other variants of the Ubuntu Linux Operating system.

Steps for Installing the MS Office on Linux

1. First, you have to, Install the Wine via Software Center, Synaptic Package Manager or via the command line:

2. After that Download winetricks from here!

3. Now install winetricks and other packages : sh winetricks msxml6 gecko vcrun2005 ie6

4. Configure Wine by navigating to Applications –> Wine –> Configure Wine, and then set “Windows Version” to Windows Vista inside the Applications tab.


5. From the “Libraries” tab, look for rpcrt4.dll and msxml3.dll and add them to “Existing overrides”. Edit Existing overrides and make sure the load order is set to “Native (Windows)”.

6. Download rpcrt4.dll ( .zip) from here! , and then extract it.

7. From the Wine menu, browse C: drive and navigate to windows/system32 directory. Copy the downloaded rpcrt4.dll inside system32 to overwrite or replace the existing rpcrt4.dll.

8. Put Microsoft Office installer, click on setup, and just follow the normal installation process.

9. After installing MS Office, configure Wine again and set Windows version back to Windows XP.


10. You can now use MS Office inside Ubuntu Linux by navigating to Applications –> Programs –> Microsoft Office.