How to install Instagram app on Blackberry smartphones


After the official release of Blackberry OS version 10.2.1 to every device around the globe have the access to install Android app right on the handset including Instagram. But this is not official app from Blackberry but if you want to have this on your device after following this tutorial you will get Instagram installed on your device with only one condition, your device should have updated to latest Blackberry 10.2.1 version.


To install Android app on your device you need to some changes with your device, if you have already done that then its fine otherwise go through this link to get the tutorial to install Android apps on Blackberry device.

Follow the procedure below to easily get this popular app on your device. Instagram is very popular among those who love photography and shares pictures with beloved one. Following the steps mentioned below is not quite complex but you have to be careful and do only the things mentioned below in the tutorial.

How to install Instagram app on Blackberry smartphones

Either you can download the apk file of Instagram directly on your phone or you can go for PC, my opinion is to choose the 2nd option to go for. This listing has a whole bunch of other apps as well, but grab the file for Instagram. Instagram App apk Download Link.


  1. If you have downloaded from your phone then just go to the downloads and tap on the app you have downloaded, otherwise after downloading the file on your PC, connect your device and copy the file to your device’s memory card.
  2. Install the app on your device.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to begin the installation.
  4. After completion just tap on the Instagram app to open, just sign up and enjoy.

Whoo! You have successfully installed Instagram app on your Blackberry device. If you get any kind if issues during the procedure do comment those below,I will try my level best to solve them.