How to install Android Apps apk on Blackberry 10.2.1


The new Blackberry 10.2.1 update brings tons of enhancements for the users, among all the most craziest is the ability to install Android Apps apk without doing any file conversion. It opens the doors to a lot of Android apps that otherwise might not be available thanks to the included Android runtime on BlackBerry 10.


After this update the problem raised where to get the apk files of the Android app to install. Many websites are there who provides the apps apk but most of them are now useful at all.

To get rid of these kind of issues a new native app the Snap come into the role, it works as front end for the Google Play Store and helps you to get the apk files of the app you want to install on your Blackberry device.

Here also you will face some issues installing this Snap app on your device as this is quite advance and needs to be sideload. The process of installing this app is not a big deal. Just follow the steps mentioned below are you are done. You know the best thing about this, once after getting this on your device you don’t need to think more about the apps, just open Snap, search for the app and install it.


How to sideload Snap on Blackberry 10.2.1

  1. Go to your default app market and install Google Chrome browser.
  2. Once after installation of Google Chrome, open it and install this extension.
  3. Now download the Snap.BAR app from the given link.
  4. Plug-in your Balackberry device to your PC and open Google Chrome and go through this address If your IP found in development was different, replace with the IP found there.
  5. Here you might get some errors, to solve them try reconnecting your device to your PC.
  6. Once it opened the page on your Chrome browser, it will ask you to provide the password which you have created earlier to approve access. You will then see a list of what’s already installed on your device.
  7. And then go to the top left corner and find option called “Install Apps” a file explorer window will appear on to PC, in which case you want to browse to wherever it is that you downloaded the Snap BAR file and select it.
  8. Once after selecting it begins installing the Snap app on your device. After success installation you will message “result::success“.
  9. Now disconnect your device to your computer and check if Snap app is installed or not.

Great!! Now search and install Android apps apk on Blackberry 10.2.1 depending on your need with ease. Anytime you can contact me for any kind of help related to any kind of issues of get while following this process, I will try my level best to solve them all.