How to install and uninstall Graphic card

By | June 4, 2014

If you want better quality of graphics then additionally  you need to install the Graphic card to your computer, Generally personal computer comes with a decent graphics. As I said earlier for extra features like playing games with more graphics with out struck  in the middle and also graphic design we use the graphics. In the one of your expansion slots you can able to fix the Graphic card. This article will teach you how to install and uninstall Graphic card.

How to Install Graphic card

  • Initially make sure what kind of expansion slot do you have in your computer, There are many types namely PCI, PCI-e, PCI e 2.0 and AGP. You need to get the kind of Graphic card which matches the expansion slot.
  • Uninstall the old graphic card if you have any, To uninstall the drivers, find Windows’ Device Manager. In Device Manager, double-click your graphics card’s name to display its Properties window. Click the Driver tab and then the button for uninstalling the driver.
  • After uninstalling old graphic card you nee to be shut Down the system and Disconnect the power cord from the back, or unplug it from the outlet it’s connected to. If the computer was running for a while before you turned it off, you may want to give the components time to cool before proceeding.
  • Open the Side case of the CPU and ground yourself, Place the CPU on the rubber mat or other non conductive surface.
  • locate the  slot of your old graphic card is in or locate your new slot that going to be in.
  • Remove the old graphic card if you want to change, This was the first graphic card means we can skip this step.
  • Insert the new graphic card straightly and firmly in to the slot, And make sure whether you have inserted in right position are not. Finally Close the case and switch on your system.
  • Install the graphic cars drivers by using the disc they have given while purchasing the graphic card.
  • After that you need to shout down the system and start the system, Now your system will recognize with new graphics.

How to uninstall the Graphic card.

  • Suppose if you wanted to uninstall the Graphic card you need to follow the steps given below.
  • Click the start button menu and open the control panel
  • Find the icon that says system and click it, Click on the hard ware tab
  • Click on the Device manager tab, and scroll down to display adapter and click OK.
  • A menu will appear and in the menu select Driver tan and finally click on the uninstall