How to Hide stock Apps in iOS 7.1


Last couple of weeks ago Apple released the latest iOS 7.1 update, this update was actually to improve performance purpose rather than UI for which iOS is generally known for. In way to improve the performance people started getting issues with stock apps. But now I have an easier way to hide stock apps in iOS 7.1.


Let me first tell you the reason why you should hide the stock apps in iPhone or any iDevice, Apple offers many pre-loaded apps with any iDevice which sometimes starts annoying with notifications that also makes your device quite complex to handle.

If you are also feeling the same issues and want to get rid of it, do follow the tutorial mentioned below to hide stock Apps in iOS 7.1. This process doesn’t require Jailbreak to follow this, so without any second thought you can go through it.

  1. To follow the process you should have enough app on the home screen of your iOS device including the dock.
  2. Tap and hold to any app out there to put that into wiggle mode.
  3. Drag and drop the app you want to hide on any other app on the window full of apps to create a new folder. However, do not release your finger before doing so.
  4. Drag and swipe the app icon you want to hide and drop it to the folder you have just create in the previous step.

Now those app you have dragged into the folder you have created won’t show on the home screen anymore. This method is not working with 7.o.6. I hope this will work great with your iPad too if it is running iOS 7.1.

Watch the video for more information related to the guide.