How to get LG G3 dedicated Keyboard on any Android phone

By | June 7, 2014

Earlier this week the LG’s new G3 smartphone has been announced, and with it came a number of new features and enhancements to their Optimus users interface. While most smartphone makers put little effort into their keyboards—probably due to the attraction of third-party apps available—LG has made their latest version of the best OEM keyboards I have ever used.

In this tutorial, I will be guiding you how to get LG G3 dedicated Keyboard on any Android phone, and as a bonus, its new wallpapers and sounds as well, to your HTC One or other smartphones. The sounds and wallpapers are just normal files that can be copied to your device, but the keyboard does require you to have root access to install properly.

LG g3 Keyboard

As I mentioned the HTC One does not mean that only One users can avail this feature. If you have other rooted device then freely can follow the tutorial to get the LG G3’s keyboard, even Nokia X and XL users can also get this keyboard. Go to our Rooting section to find the tutorial of you haven’t rooted your device. We have tried this method on Nexus 5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, Moto X and Moto G etc.

Steps to get LG G3 dedicated Keyboard on any Android phone

Step 1: Download LG G3’s Keyboard App apk

This app was modded by Cloudyfa, as the app is not available on Google Play, so you people will have to download it from the link given below, and also you’ll need to have installation from “Unknown sources” checked.

Step 2: Install the Keyboard app

Simply install the keyboard app on your device after downloading from the above link. It will ask you to provide the root access permission, grant Superuser permissions, and click the Backup button. This will allow you to install back to your stock keyboard when is uninstall the LG G3 keyboard.

Once after creating the backup of stock keyboard you are now able to install the LG G3 Keyboard. After installation you need to restart your device. Install and reboot it.

Then go to Settings->Keyboards->LG Keyboard

Step 3: Its time to customize LG G3 Keyboard

When you select the LG Keyboard option in your Language & Keyboard settings, you will find all the options ans settings that comes with the G3 keyboard, start customizing as you want to have in your device. You can select the customized keyboard area according to your display screen and also you can choose white or black theme layout of the keyboard.

You will also get features that have become standard to keyboards such as, Emoji support, suggestions, including swiping input, and auto-correct.

Handwriting Support

Handwriting feature is one of the hidden feature of the LG G3, now you are able to get it. But before using this feature you need to do some work to recognize you handwriting for better prediction.

If you want to have download the LG G3 sounds and Wallpapers about which we talked earlier then here below are the download links:

Watch the video and learn how to install and customize it.

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