How to get back Old Xbox Music on Windows 8.1

By | April 28, 2014

It is an known secret that old x box music is almost buried with windows phone 8.1 operating system with a new version has being overlapped it. But users are bringing the Old xbox Music back by using NFC trick which works but this takes long procedure to do it convenient. Now the developer has taken the extra step and released a free application to over come that lets you pin a direct link to the old version on the home screen.


They named this application as Music hub tile, when you launched this application on the home screen let you pin either green music tile or the Transparent one to your start screen. The transparent one costs around 99 cents through In apps were as the green music tile is free version.

once the new pinned tile is opened the automatically redirects you to the old and familiar version xbox music of windows 8.0. where every thing works as we expected, how ever touch the drop down player controls will send you app to the new one. because of the 8.1 hub is coded for the  redirecting the new one by a separate app.

This app was launched recently with lot of  bug fixes and improvements and updates are expected every two weeks one. because it will take the time to improve the things based on the suggestions given by the users, we are not sure that how useful using this old version. Their will atleast three or four updates to be expected with this new one, It is up to your choice for now the green tile is free of cost, no need to loss.It is up to you whether to be in old one or else new one.

Click here to get the App Music Hub Tile