How to flash different Stock ROM of Samsung ATIV S

By | June 2, 2014
Samsung ATIV S

A ROM is actually a version of the mobile OS you are running on your handset. There are many reasons to have a ROM on your device. Either you want to remove the fix a firmware-related bug, branding, update the software, or downgrade it (if you are not happy with the latest version, for ex). We are here to help you How to flash different Stock ROM of Samsung ATIV S.

Samsung ATIV S

Here are the features for that you should flash this ROM on your device:

  • The latest version of WP 8 is GDR3, but Samsung has stopped giving the latest update, because many users have reviewed issues with the software (which we cannot seem to find) and installing a GDR3 ROM or getting the CSC to ATO are now the only method to get the latest update and doing this method might allow you to do that.
  • Samsung’s ATIV S is popular among Windows Phone users as it was the first device to run Windows Phone 8 to be Interop Unlocked, which allows you to further modify the device’s software. With GDR3 Samsung has issued a firmware update that made it impossible to apply the Interop Unlock, therefore if you want to use this method to downgrade to a GDR2 ROM to apply the Interop Unlock, in case you have been of the few users who managed to upgrade to GDR3 before the rollout was stopped.

Things to be done

  • Using some best tool, create a complete backup of your device because there might be a chance to lose all your stored data.
  • Also you need to get the CSC(Country Specific Code) of your device, that code indicates that you are able to flash the ROM. To get the CSC, install the Samsung Diagnosis-App by typing in ##634# into the dialer on your device. When the app appears, type in *#321647335.
  • Now go through this link to and download the ROM version which you like. Also check “Supported CSCs.txt” that you phone is supported to this ROM or not.
  • Download the ROM and CSC from there.
  • Also don’t forget to download the Flashing tools and drivers.

How to flash different Stock ROM of Samsung ATIV S

  1. To enter into the Download-Mode you need to press and hold Camera + Volume Up+ Power Button until it vibrates.
  2. Soon after entering to the download mode you need to connect your device to your computer using a MicroUSB.
  3. Launch the flashing-tool that you have downloaded, where your ATIV S should show up as a COM-device. Make sure that you should have installed proper USB driver installed on your computer.
  4. Click on the yellow folder which you will after the launch the tool and browse your filesystem for the .wp8-ROM-file.
  5. Then tap the green folder and browse your filesystem for the .csc or .mbn-file.
  6. One more thing you to take care, your phone’s CSC is available and selected.
  7. Let other option as it is, and for DL option “ALL” has to be selected.
  8. Now start installing and do not unplug your device until the process has finished.
  9. After installation just reboot your device.

  • Severino Comedido Bolambao Jr.

    Hi there, Galvin.
    Im searching a steps for my ativ s 18750 to downgrade or something like that for almost 3 months. I’ve experiencing error on my ativ-s 18750 when i upgrade it to 8.1 the 1 errors of many is when i go to youtube and watch video, its going to blinking my screen black and white. It will stop blinking when i touch the screen. I hope your steps is gonna solve this problems. For now, i would like thank you for posting this. It gives me hope to get my phone back to its default or normal function. 8.0 or 8.1 ill comeback here whatever the result of this. God bless