How to fix Nexus 5 WiFi problem


The many users of Nexus 5 reported to the forum that they are facing many problems regarding the WiFi connection for the Google device. The main issue said by the users that the device fails to connect the WiFi even though the place is already known to the system. Some more users are saying that their device will connect WiFi bot there is now data transfer. WiFi problem is common in many devices here are some solutions to over come this Nexus 5 WiFi problem.


Trouble Shooting 1

Actually some users of Nexus 5 will keep there device in Aeroplane mode, Simply switch off the mobile and turn it on then WiFi works automatically.

Trouble Shooting 2

On your Google Nexus 5 go to settings > wireless and networks > WiFi > Select the Network name > Tap forgot after some minutes it will reconnect and ask to enter password. By this you can connect to the WiFi network.

Trouble Shooting 3

The Failure of WiFi also occurs due to the problem in the router as well, Check it twice if the WiFi router is up to date following the manual instructions if you can access to the router

Trouble Shooting 4

Choose the option avoid poor connections, To select this option you need to go to settings > wireless and networks > WiFi > tap on the menu button > select advanced WiFi> uncheck avoid poor connections

Trouble Shooting 5

If the user is using dual band frequencies such as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz when you face WiFi trouble, go to settings > wireless and networks > WiFi > tap on menu button > select advanced WiFi > Frequency band width > Tap and give 2.4 GHz.

Trouble Shooting 6

If you are unable to have WiFi router set up securely, you also turns to WiFi router manufacturer and to update the WiFi firmware.

Trouble Shooting 7

If you find the WiFi problem is caused by the router then you need to unplug it for 10 to 20 seconds after that plug it again and reestablish the router to renew the connection 20 seconds later.