How to fix Laptop when it struck in Loading Screen

By | June 6, 2014
How to fix Laptop when it struck in Loading Screen

When your laptop got struck at the time of loading screen no need to get tensed, It can be restore to normal condition with the help of resources that come with your system. generally booting problems occurs due to the  corrupted files or missing files or incompatible files in your system. By little trouble shooting you can get the laptop back to normal situation. It is convenient to use the tools that are part of your windows Operating system to fix this kind of loading issue. This article bring you Hoe to fix laptop when it struck in loading screen.

Steps to Fix the Issues

  • Take the operating system disc and place it on the CD/DVD-ROM drive and restart your laptop.
  • press enter and press any key to the boot from the CD or DVD message screen appears, Allow the windows to load the files.
  • Select your preferred settings from the Time and and currency format and Keyboard or input method boxes. Leave the Language box at English and click “Next” to continue.
  • Click repair your computer to wards bottom of the screen at the next window, This will launch the system recovery options.
  • Select the use recovery tools option choose your operating system and then click next at the next window.
  • Now Click on start system recovery options window, Allow the tool scan your system for issues that are causing your laptop. Windows should load like normal,¬†but it may reboot several times on its own first.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

Micheal, is a loyal Apple Fan. A graduate in computer science, Micheal loves to experiment with iOS and Mac. Here at The Tech Bulletin, he covers information about Apple Products.+Micheal