How to Edit PDF files for free on PC


PDF (Popular Document Format) is a popular file format which allows you to view the documents across the different formats with out disturbing the file format. The main problem with this files you can’t edit these files like you can’t append the signature to them with out printing it. Several PDF files like novel, important bills and more aren’t meant to be edited. So, it is very hard and inconvenient to add a line or fill the form to a PDF file. Luckily there are some free alternative apps for all the platforms to edit the PDF documents.

How to Edit PDF files on PC

Here is the tutorial for how to edit PDF files for free on PC. Those who use the Mac, Linux, Windows or any OS LibreOffice Draw is the best application for editing the PDF files. LibreOffice is a complete office suite  and you need to download the LibreOffice setup and find the draw. But fortunately in the installation process the setup asks you choose the software which you want to install. So, you can install only Draw if you don’t want to install other apps.

Using Draw app is very easy and simple. Follow the below process for how to use the Draw to edit the PDF files. This process I have done on Windows, but the process is similar to both Linux and Mac platforms.

  • Download and install the LibreOffice and install on your PC.
  • LibreOffice Draw doesn’t require any configuration to open the PDF files. Just after opening draw press CTRL+O or go to File<<Open and here select your PDF file.
  • All the tools are visible at the bottom and those are familiar if you have used MS Word before. Now here click on the line which you want to edit.
  • Remember before you edit the files that Draw will disturb the format of your file like, if your document has bullets, symbols and something it will move everything and it will take some time to adjust them.
  • To align the various elements in the file, just click on them and drag them to move.
  • If your system has the font used in the PDF file then editing the file is very easy,as you want to select the text you want to edit and start typing.
  • Each line of the text, underline and bullet points appear like an object in the Draw.
  • After you finish the editing part, select the Export as PDF option in the file menu to export the files.