How to disable iOS location tracking on iPhone

By | May 6, 2014

Each few months, iPhone owners around the globe start to panic another round of tech online journal reminds us that Apple’s iPhone tracks everything we might do as a major aspect of a “Frequent Locations” feature. The possibly intelligent feature allows iOS to monitor your position with a specific end goal to focus places you visit most frequently, and this information could truly become an integral factor in future versions of Apple’s mobile platform by allowing your iPhone to present location-based info that could be helpful, maybe like Google Now.


The latest round of coverage comes from BuzzFeed and Business Insider, so we thought we would remind everyone how to disable iOS location tracking on iPhone.

As we have noted last year in August when users on a German security forum brought attention to the location tracking feature even before iOS 7 was released, if one wants to disable it right away, here is a tutorial that will help you to disable iOS location tracking on iPhone right away within few seconds.

How to disable iOS location tracking on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings menu of your iPhone.
  2. And then move over to the option called Privacy and then location services.
  3. Scroll right away to the bottom and tap on System Services.
  4. Now simply tap on different frequent locations and disable the “Improved Maps” and “Frequent Locations” as well.
  5. That’s it, you have successfully disabled the iOS tracking.

Author: Galvin Carter

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