How to convert VHS to DVD

By | June 3, 2014

Converting the home videos VHS to DVD is great way to preserve, share and enhance that old tapes that can be convert to DVD very easily. This post will gives you clear view about to convert VHS to DVD. You need o follow the steps given below.


  • Initially you need to capture the VHS video to computer editing program using Analog to digital converter encode it to MPEG-2  and author a DVD. This is the time taking method, but it gives you flexibility to edit the video with additional special effects and music.



  • Covert the VHS VCR to stand alone DVD recorder that works like VCR, But this VHS to DVD recorder gives put put as DVD, We can’t add any additional special effect, music. This method is fastest and easiest way to convert the VHS to DVD


  • Capture the video to the computer as MPEG-2 using hardware capture devices that can converts the VHS to MPEG-2. and then burn to DVD. One hour video can be convert and compressed to MPEG-2 in One hour, If you don’t any editing then this method will be done easily and fast.


  • Use VHS to Conversion service,  This service usually costs between $15-$40/tape by the time a DVD is shipped back to you but is by far the easiest option for most. Services range from a direct copy of your original tape onto DVD to online video editors that let you create custom movies and combine footage from multiple tapes.