How to Control Galaxy device without touching the screen

By | May 2, 2014

Air gesture is a features that allows you to control your device without touching the screen. Here are the features you can you on your Galaxy smartphone through air gesture by following the steps mentioned below

  • Scroll up and down emails in Email.
  • Move between pages in S Notes
  • Flick through photos in Gallery.
  • Control songs from Music.
  • Pick up calls (on speakerphone by default), check notifications and changing songs without waking your Galaxy device.


This may look gimmicky as using your thumb/finger to perform those activities is simple and natural, how could Air motions conceivably make it less easier? Truth is, its only one more approach to do these things, yet the hand movements are extremely intuitive and simple to get. I particularly like Air gesture when using my Galaxy phones at restaurants as I can read messages without scrolling with oily fingers and leaving streaks everywhere over the screen.

You should make the motion around the secondary camera(front facing camera) at the top of the handset since that is where the sensor is actually located. Below, I will guide you how to turn on Air gesture on Galaxy devices and how to Control Galaxy device without touching the screen, what each gesture does, how to use them, and how to turn it off.

How to turn on Air gesture

  1. First open notification center by swiping down your finger on home screen.
  2. Tap on the settings menu which you will find at top right corner.
  3. Tap right and find control option, scroll down to find air gesture, turn it on by swiping it right.
  4. Tap the box next to Do not show again, and click OK so the tutorial does not popup anymore.
  5. Now you need to choose what options you want to use using the air gesture.
    Quick Glance: Wave you hand over the sensor to show the information below,

    • Battery power
    • Date and time
    • Unread messages
    • Current music info
    • Notifications icon

    Air jump: wave the side of your hand up and down to scroll “screen-sized” jumps in emails. It only works in the Email app.
    Air Browse: wave with the side of your hand from the left or right across the screen to flick through:


    • Photo in Gallery
    • S Notes
    • Music from lock screen
    • Now playing music screen

    Air call-accept: wave the palm of your hand left and right to answer a call.

  6. You can also later customize the gesture control by choosing the option you want to use from the gesture settings.
  7. To turn off the air gesture control,follow the first three steps and then swipe left to disable motion gesture.