How to connect Xbox One to PC monitor


Xbox One is the gaming console from Microsoft, you can connect it to the TV or any living room screen to enjoy the big screen and high quality gaming experience. You can connect it to the PC Monitor for even better experience because of your small TV screen and poor picture quality. Here I am explaining how to connect your Xbox Gaming console to PC.

How to connect Xbox One to PC monitor

  • Before starting this process you need to have some parts and here I am listing the parts required.
    • CRT or LCD PC monitor.
    • Xbox gaming console.
    •  Xbox One VGA HD AV cable, if your PC monitor don’t have component port.
    • If you want to get the sound from the PC speakers then have Stereo Female RCA  to male 3.5 mm cable.
  • You can get the above parts online and they don’t cost much, they may cost around $10.
  • Here is the steps for how to connect.
    • First unplug the old cable from your Xbox device.
    • Now unplug the VGA cable from your monitor.
    • Now insert the AV cable into the Xbox One to enjoy the gaming sounds on the PC speakers.
    • Now fix the VGA cable into the monitor.

Remember that if you have a composite port to connect these cables then skip the above steps. Because if composite ports are there it is very easy to connect.

Now your Xbox One or Xbox 360 is connected to your PC monitor and enjoy the High definition gaming experience on your monitor and Stereo gaming sound experience on your PC speakers.