How to connect PC internet to Mobile over Wi-Fi


Many of times you would have frustrated with the slow internet connection on your PC, especially when you are downloading large files on your mobiles they may interrupted in the middle due to the poor internet connection. If you have a connected to the high speed internet through the wired connection, then you can share your PC internet connection with your mobile.

If you want to connect your PC internet to mobile then your PC must have Wireless LAN card. Generally laptops comes with inbuilt Wireless LAN card, but for desktops you need to connect Wi-Fi card through USB. Here is the step by step tutorial explains how to connect PC internet to mobile through Wi-Fi.


  • First make sure that your PC is connected to the internet. Your PC should be connected with the ethernet cable and ensure that it is a secured connection and connected properly.
  • Now setup the network. Click on the start button and type “Network” in the search bar and click on the “Network and sharing center”.
  • Go to setup a new network in the bottom and select “Setup wireless Adhoc network”.
  • Follow the setup wizard and you have created a wireless network.
  • Now scan for the wireless networks on your mobile phone and when the network you have created appears then connect to it.
  • Check whether the network is connected or not on your phone, if connected then  test whether the internet works or not by opening some websites.

So, successfully you have connected your PC internet to your mobile phone and enjoy the high speed internet.