How to connect Mac Pro to TV with our HDMI port


Generally people will connect the Laptops to the Television to watch videos and movies etc, Now a every television has HDMI port suppose any one wants to connect the laptops to Television with out HDMI port means they can connect through VGA. I am sure that this post will definitely helps you to connect with out HDMI port. For this you need to follow the steps below.

  • Use this method to connect the Mac Pro to TV with out HDMi port, the older televisions they don’t have some advanced ports like HDMI and more.
  • You need to purchase some supplies if you don’t have, Mini Display port to VGA adopter and VGA to VGA connector with both sides male pins required.




  • 3.5 mm to 3 RCA AV cable is required to connect the sound from your laptop to your computer.

3.5 mm jack

  • Once you done with this ans start connect the Port to VGA Adopter to the VGA to VGA cable which has male pins on both sides.


  • Connect that mini display port to adapter to the Mac pro.


  • Finally connect the male Pin VGA port to the female pin in your Television.


  • Hook the 3.5 mm jack in to your audio out or headphone jack in your macbook, and then the audio component of the cord in to the TV.3.5mm_soundjack3.5mm_soundjack
  • Turn on your TV and you can able to watch videos from your computers with sound.